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Autonomous Wireless Solution

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Optimal IoT infrastructure for wireless LAN「AWC」

Allied Telesis developed autonomous wireless LAN solution 「AWC」 based on the joint research with Kyoto University, and will deliver AWC into AT-Vista Manager.
AWC realizes next generation wireless LAN infrastructure consist of wide coverage area and stable/reliable performance for IoT devices.
Vista Manage is scheduled to be released Q1 2017.

Autonomous wireless LAN solution based on Game theory

AWC is realized by Autonomous control technology that Allied Telesis and Kyoto University researched collaboratively based on Game theory.
Game theory is the algorithm to make the optimal decision based on the analysis of multiple factors. By introducing the theory into wireless LAN that various environmental factors exist, Allied Telesis provides original optimal wireless LAN environment which cannot be realized by other wireless products suppliers.


Be mindful of the sound while at work

Allied Telesis provides essential factors for IoT!

Solve various issues to realize Network AI

The Issue in installation

Installation of the wireless APs basically requires site survey to be stable operation, thus the customer has to spend a lot of workload with expert knowledge.
Allied Telesis provides wireless intelligence as Network AI. This new technology uses game theory to model the continuously changing relationship between access point location and signal strength requirements.

The issue in operation

In the current wireless network, various problems happen by environment change and unknown wireless devices etc. These problems are caused by lack of consideration for channel and signal optimization.
AWC provides wireless APs the optimal channel and radio power status and keep stable wireless environment.

Case Study

For Hospital


■Stable/Reliable use with high throughput for electronic charts and sensors can be realized by deployment with high density APs location on each room and hallway.

■Minimize the influence which is caused by unknown wireless devices the guests bring in.

For Stadium


■High performance to correspond to the contents use huge real-time-data can be realized by deployment with high density APs location.

■AWC is available for no roof stadium by using「TQ4400e」,wireless AP model for outdoor use.

For Factory & Warehouse


■Autonomous Wireless Control contributes a stable wireless network with the condition that environment change frequently happens.

■Reduce coverage holes by deployment with high density APs location.

For further intelligent Wireless Network

New Functions of Vista Manager

Autonomous Wave Control will be available at 2017 1Q, by the implementation of the software on New Vista Manager and using TQ wireless AP series.
Allied Telesis will provide further improvement of the management for both wired and wireless LAN devices through such solution.

What is AT-Vista Manager

Vista Manager is the integrated wired/wireless network management software for Switch, Router/UTM and wireless LAN AP which correspond to AMF.

Vista Manager mainly have the following features.
-「Topology Map」 to see AMF network on the MAP.
-「AMF node list」to see the devices managed by AMF in the list.
-「Floor Map」for unified management of wired devices/wireless APs.


■GUI provides simple Network management to engineers who are not familiar with Network operation.

■AMF Network map is created automatically, and management of the Network can be started immediately.


■Vista Manager provides total Network management by unifying functions for both wired and wireless Network management.


■Vista Manager can manage even a large size Network consist of multiple AMF masters.

■Icons on the AMF Network maps visually inform its fault status.

AMF device management

Vista Manager automatically recognizes AMF Network and display it with map view by registering the IP addresses for AMF controller and AMF master. Therefore, easy to start using Vista Manager without any special configuration.

Wireless LAN AP management / Display AP on a map

Vista Manager can provide the list of wireless APs to manage, and make a configuration profile from the APs. Common configuration profile can be applied to managed APs.
Applying the configuration profile to management APs contribute to prevention of misconfiguration and cost redundancy in setting.Vista Manager also can display and manage wireless APs on a map. Multiple maps can be created and wireless APs can be located on any maps same as the actual Network diagram.

New features of Vista Manger

Autonomous Wireless LAN management Control

Vista Manager provides Autonomous control for radio power and channel of wireless LAN AP, and keeps the optimal state for its wireless LAN environment.

Visualization of statistical management for wireless LAN.

The transition of usage situation can be displayed visually using stored statistics and historic information of radio state etc.

Improvement of affinity with IoT devices

By corresponding to visualization of AMF guest node, display its interface's name and health monitoring can be available.

Illustrative purpose for making the full use of New Vista Manager

New Vista Manager strongly supports the each phases from design/installation to operation/management in your Network.