show ip-reputation categories

モード: 特権EXECモード
カテゴリー: UTM / IPレピュテーション

# show ip-reputation categories




■ IPレピュテーションデータベースのカテゴリー一覧と、各カテゴリーに対するアクションの設定内容を表示する。

awplus# show ip-reputation categories
   Category (* = invalid)  Action   Description
   AbusedTLD               alert    Abused or free TLD Related
   Bitcoin_Related         alert    Bitcoin Mining and related
   Blackhole               alert    Blackhole or Sinkhole systems
   Bot                     deny     Known Infected Bot
   Brute_Forcer            alert    SSH or other brute forcer
   ChatServer              deny     POLICY Chat Server
   CnC                     alert    Malware Command and Control Server
   Compromised             alert    Known compromised or Hostile
   DDoSAttacker            alert    DDoS Source
   DDoSTarget              alert    Target of a DDoS
   DriveBySrc              alert    Driveby Source
   Drop                    alert    Drop site for logs or stolen credentials
   DynDNS                  alert    Domain or IP Related to a Dynamic DNS Entryor Request
   EXE_Source              alert    Observed serving executables
   FakeAV                  alert    Fake AV and AS Products
   IPCheck                 alert    IP Check Services
   LAC                     alert    LAC blacklist by Japan Security Operation Center
   Mobile_CnC              alert    Known CnC for Mobile specific Family
   Mobile_Spyware_CnC      alert    Spyware CnC specific to mobile devices
   OnlineGaming            alert    Questionable Gaming Site
   P2P                     alert    P2P Node
   P2PCnC                  alert    Distributed CnC Nodes
   Parking                 alert    Domain or SEO Parked
   Proxy                   alert    Proxy Host
   RemoteAccessService     alert    GoToMyPC and similar remote access services
   Scanner                 alert    Host Performing Scanning
   SelfSignedSSL           alert    Self Signed SSL or other suspicious encryption
   Skype_SuperNode         alert    Observed Skype Bootstrap or Supernode
   Spam                    alert    Known Spam Source
   SpywareCnC              alert    Spyware Reporting Server
   TorNode                 alert    POLICY Tor Node
   Undesirable             alert    Undesirable but not illegal
   Utility                 alert    Known Good Public Utility
   VPN                     alert    VPN Server


category action(IPレピュテーションモード)

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